Why I created Elevate with eCommerce – The Shopify Course

I haven’t always been so sure of Shopify!

Lean in, cos I’m about to get real with you.. 🤯

No one magically becomes good at things, especially not web design, let alone mastering an entire platform like Shopify.. it took me 6 years to feel like I am the ‘expert’ and actually believe it to be true.

This is WHY I poured my heart and soul, and tears, and happy dances, and countless hours into creating Elevate with eCommerce – the Shopify Course for freelance Designers… because I know what it feels like to flounder, to be overwhelmed and not have the answers.

But I also know how amazingly good it feels to have the confidence and the skills to get it right, and I want to share that!!

With retail e-commerce sales predicted to go from 4.2b in 2020 to 6.3b in the next two years (actual stats), there is no better time to become a master of the go-to eCommerce Platform, and better yet, the opportunity to niche into a dream industry is so possible!

Ps. You only need to book your first client, and your investment has paid for itself and then some!!

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