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Increase website conversions with these fun CTA’s

Increase website conversions with these fun CTA’s

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Too often I see a lack of call to actions or the most boring and mundane wording that really doesn’t inspire a click!

In today’s article, I will explain what a Call to Action is and ways you can get creative with your CTA’s to keep them interesting and get those clicks to book or buy.

What is a Call to Action

Call to Actions can be described as entire banners, buttons or links that ask the visitor to take a particular step towards a particular desired action. 

Examples of these could be:

 – A banner on your website that directly asks the visitor to book a service, fill out a form, buy a product, learn more about _____.  Most times these banners will have a large header, some text and then a button.

 – Buttons on your website that ask for a desired action, the real estate within the button is smaller and will only include perhaps a word or two and sometimes an arrow.

 – Links can simply be text with an arrow similar to a button but could also sit within text in a paragraph that has a url link attached (like in a blog for example).

Why are they important

As a business we want to drive certain outcomes from our website. For service-providers it is usually to book a call, book a service, call us, email, send an enquiry or learn more about us or our services.

For eCommerce brands, this is usually an end goal of purchasing a product or entering an email address for list building.

One of the key factors in having an optimized website are your call to actions. We want to make it as easy as possible for our visitors to take action and navigate your website.

A lack of call to actions can directly impact your websites ability to bring you more business.

So if you haven’t got buttons on most of your website sections, if you haven’t got really prominent call to action website banners to urge your visitors to take action, then hop to it and add these in after reading the rest of this article.

Let’s get creative

Having call to actions is the most important point of this article, but if you ready to sprinkle something a little extra over your webby to get it feeling cute and on-brand then here are a few ideas for CTA wording for different business types.

The eCommerce Beauty Brand

  • Get the Look
  • Indulge Yourself
  • Find your Shade
  • Transform Now
  • Reveal your Glow
  • Claim It
  • Get VIP Status
  • See the Difference

The service-based Beauty Biz

  • Get Bronzed
  • Get your Glow On
  • Find Your Perfect Shade
  • Achieve Your Golden Glow

Call to Actions to increase a sense of urgency

  • Hurry, Limited Time!
  • Save Now, Before It’s Late!
  • Almost Out of Stock!
  • Get It Now, Before It’s Too Late!
  • Seconds Left to Save!
  • Hurry, Time’s Almost Up!
  • Urgent: Buy Now!
  • Immediate Action Required!
  • Shop Now! Clock’s Ticking!
  • Don’t Delay, Sale Today!
  • Expires Soon!
  • Last Call for Offers!
  • Sale’s Almost Over!
  • Speed to Savings!

Your call to actions are a great way to get creative and weave your brand message and your brand personality throughout your website and your other touchpoints (Instagram etc).

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